Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Who's A Turkey by Spice

Who's A Turkey shirt
Who's A Turkey by Spice
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Who's A Turkey

Cute indignant Turkey.

Cute indignant Turkey. He's sure to bring a smile not just at Thanksgiving, but all year round

Thanksgiving Turkey by David_E_Smith

Thanksgiving Turkey shirt
Thanksgiving Turkey by David_E_Smith
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Thanksgiving Turkey

Cartoon of Thanksgiving Turkey

Vintage Thanksgiving Turkey Pin by lkranieri

Vintage Thanksgiving Turkey Pin photosculpture
Vintage Thanksgiving Turkey Pin by lkranieri
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Vintage Thanksgiving Turkey Pin

Treat yourself, your guests, or your host and hostess to a vintage Thanksgiving gift that can be worn every year. This sturdy plastic pin is nearly 1/4" thick, is 2" x 3", and has a safety clasp pin on the back, and was created from a vintage Thanksgiving card.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Puffins Avery Binder by Welshpixels

Posing Puffins Avery Binder binder
Posing Puffins Avery Binder by Welshpixels
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Posing Puffins Avery Binder

These wonderful Atlantic Puffins come ashore to breed between March and August. On Skomer Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast, it's possible to get a close up view of them as they go about their daily rituals. These endearing little auks will brighten up anyone's day so feel free to personalise them to suit your occassion and bring a smile to someone's face.

Gone Shopping Magnet by Welshpixels

Gone Shopping Magnet magnet
Gone Shopping Magnet by Welshpixels
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Gone Shopping Magnet

Mother duck and ducklings setting off on the long path. Cheer up your fridge with these handy message magnets and keep your family informed.

Penguin Dreaming "Well Done" Sticker by adrianropp

Penguin Dreaming
Penguin Dreaming "Well Done" Sticker by adrianropp
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Penguin Dreaming "Well Done" Sticker

Is it a cruel trick of fate that penguins can't fly? Maybe their imaginations make up for it. Dare to dream with this cutesy penguin.

Goose Chase by Windgate

Goose Chase mug
Goose Chase by Windgate
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Goose Chase

Vintage illustration of geese running

Greylag Goose Family by Welshpixels

Greylag Family mug
Greylag Family by Welshpixels
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Greylag Family

Greylag geese gifts and cards

Greylag geese parents and their very young family.

Pheasant by Welshpixels

Pheasant postcard
Pheasant by Welshpixels
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Wild Pheasant in the Grass Meadow

A pheasant strutting his stuff in the meadow.

Robin by Welshpixels

Robin mug
Robin by Welshpixels
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Today we associate robins with Christmas, and the bird always appears on Christmas cards. A common explanation is that the Victorian postmen who delivered Christmas cards wore red uniforms, and were nicknamed "robin redbreasts". So people associated receiving their cards with robins. The truth is probably much simpler, for the robin is most visible at Christmas, when its bright red breast, which the bird puffs out to keep warm, brings colour to drab surroundings, and the male begins to sing loudly to attract a mate. It is also in the depths of winter, when insect food is scarce, that robins are most tame. So robins have always been as much a part of the Christmas scene as snow and holly.The UK's favourite bird - with its bright red breast it is familar throughout the year and especially at Christmas! Males and females look identical, and young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown. Robins sing nearly all year round and despite their cute appearance, they are aggressively territorial and are quick to drive away intruders. They will sing at night next to street lights.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wild Red Kites by Welshpixels

Wild Red Kites postcard
Wild Red Kites by Welshpixels
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Wild Red Kites

Milvus milvus

Milvus milvus. This magnificently graceful bird of prey is unmistakable with its reddish-brown body, angled wings and deeply forked tail. It was saved from national extinction by one of the world's longest running protection programmes, and has now been successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland. This kite was photographed over the Welsh countryside where they are a beautiful sight to behold.